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      Shamir  Posner  Brown   LTD.
13 Kineret St. Bnei-Brak, 51201
ISRAEL     Tel. +972(0)35706886

  Shamir Posner Brown Cons. Eng. Ltd. is an Israeli independent engineering company, owned, managed and operated by professional licenced engineers.
  Our Firm was established in 1979, and registered as a Company in 1982. Our Company is proud to be one of the leading bridge design firms in Israel.
Since its establishment, government agencies and authorities, public companies and bodies, and local
municipalities are SPBs largest clients.
 SPBs partners have attained broad professional experience in structural engineering. Projects are directed, controlled and supervised by the partners.

משרד שמיר פוזנר בראון מהנדסים יועצים פועל מאז שנת 1979 כאחד ממתכנני הגשרים המובילים בישראל.                           עוד...

שמיר פוזנר בראון  מהנדסים
רח.כינרת 13 בני-ברק 51201
טל.  03-5706886

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